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The GIDS GmbH, German Image Detector Systems founded to focus on the development and distribution of optical, electro-optical components and systems for customers worldwide. The products are mainly requested from the markets of high speed imaging, scientific imaging, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy, vacuum imaging of particles, electron microscopy, beam imaging and x-ray applications including Nano- and Micro CT. Life science and nanotechnology with increased government and corporate funding are driving this markets. Technology advances which enlarge the case of usage, a better image quality and faster analysis have a huge positive influence and push the technological development. The goal of the company is the sucessful design of own GIDS GmbH imaging products for vacuum applications based on Phosphor screens and MCP plates and the distribution of detectors and camera systems manufactured by our contract partners Photek Ltd and New-Imaging-Technologies for potential growing markets.

How to find us

Since October 1st, 2015 we are located in the MAFINEX Technology Center in Mannheim.